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This is a very basic page to ease beginners' process into a deeper series of articles that we will be publishing to embark into Operational Excellence. Many people can not imagine themselves performing with excellence because they do not have the necessary confidence in their own capacities.

That is a problem affecting a high percentage of human beings. Therefore this also affects performance at individual and group levels. As a result, we may see it negatively influencing organizations and the economy as a whole.  

“Lack of Self-confidence.”    


I deal with it all the time. People from all walks of life and at all levels seem to have settled for this characteristic of low self-esteem. Success is very hard to achieve under such circumstances. In my courses and conferences about Personal Growth, Optimized Management or World-Class Entrepreneurship the common problem jumps from anywhere in the groups.  

Analyzing this in depth I have found the roots in our childhood. “Be humble” was a quite common recommendation we would frequently get from our relatives, particularly grandmas… On top of this, religious groups would also submit us to the “Power and Wisdom” of deities or even “Pastors or Ministers.” Nothing is wrong with having a faith in something or someone, as long as we do not underestimate our own Power and Wisdom.


We see this phenomenon everywhere…  

When we start integrating ourselves to society, at school or even within our close circles of friends and family, we are taught or induced to glorify “Heroes,” or “Champions.”  They can be athletes, artists, or any other kind of Celebrities. They are people who seem to be above the normality to which we belong. They can be individuals or groups (Teams) whose skills or circumstances have made them extraordinaire. Again, there is nothing wrong with that as long as we do not underestimate our own particular wonderful features. It is unbelievable how some people will get affected for the losses of their favorite team or the defeat of their political candidates. 

The main problem that causes people to lack Self-Confidence is that few schools create the sensation of true pride that builds our self-image. Recently, the values of children are getting confused by the importance they give to all kinds of “Valuable people,” and in many cases those personalities fail to deliver and go on drugs or other bad behaviors. That can make us think that the right behavior is wrong! 

Politicians, athletes, celebrities, and religious leaders are human. They all can fail; many can fall on temptations or be deceived by the multiple promoters of wrong doing. Wealth on ignorance is one of those promoters.

Celibacy in some religions is just absurd and it causes their leaders to fail by nature. In the past all their deviations would be kept secret, but in the information age we are living today, multiple scandals have reduced their credibility and they get fewer followers all the time.  

We need to believe or have a solid support on something; if that something fails we can become unstable, confused, and weak.

That is when our Self-Esteem has a paramount importance in our lives. Start building a new image of yourself. Analyze all the excellent features and strengths you have and can develop. Make a list, you will be gladly surprised of all that you had not realized that you are and can be

Feel happy and proud of yourself and then you will realize that never again the people, teams, political parties, churches, artists, or athletes you like and support will drag you down if they happen to fail. You still will enjoy and share their positives but their negatives will no longer bring you to a sensation of loss.

We are winners by nature! we won among millions the battle to fertilize our mom's egg!