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Find your Mentors! 

Some of the best pieces of advice that I received early in my life was my father’s suggestion that I always should be searching for a mentor in any subject that I find interesting.  With this advice anyone can achieve a wealth of knowledge that easily outdoes the achievements of college and post-grade students. Mentors will usually be very kind people willing to share their expertise. Wise, true valuable and knowledgeable people will gladly share their knowledge and wisdom with those who show them respect and really want to listen.  

Quality mentors are easier to find and deal with, than you may expect. They will seem to always have time for you, especially if you reply with authentic interest and acknowledge the value of their advice and influence. Make sure you develop the skill to recognize people’s teachings and contributions. This is a skill that will take you places. Most of the people who make you feel good in life will have that skill. When you recognize the performance of others in any situation, they will make any effort needed to perform better all the time. 

A Mentor does not need to have an academic degree. I have found them with all levels of schooling achievements. Some have had very limited formal education. They all though, have timely discovered the value of cumulative experience.