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In order to
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We Must
Stop Mediocrity
in Its Tracks!

Thank you for getting started in the reading of this series; my best wish is that it may become one of the best experiences and ease a wonderful transformation in your life and also in the lives of others around you. The concepts here have definitely meant a big difference for me and Hundreds of people in my audiences.

Most of them agree with me: Our Life Style is always a Choice. Actually everything that goes on in our lives follows this crude reality… originally manifested by Buddha: "We are what we Think"

Excellence is a Continuous Improvement Process.



It is not about Purity, but Integrity, 

Nor about Perfection, but Improvement!

Do not take this as a Purity Contest. I am far from “Pure or Perfect.” Purity and Perfection may forever stand beyond the reach of Humanity.

This is more about respecting ourselves and being at ease with our performance. Integrity happens when our Principles, Values, and Conduct become aligned one after the other. If we always behave as if everybody is watching, we may be closer to that status of Integrity. A show of Integrity is “Doing the right things even if nobody else is present.”  It is about feeling completely satisfied and proud with what we do, how we behave, and who we ARE!

Of course, the less tolerant or more demanding we become, the most improved our performance will turn all the time. So the bar is constantly being raised and our standards become a moving target in the right direction. We need to constantly run away from mediocrity! We do not want to be average.

So, Excellence will have a new meaning each day, as we advance into improving ourselves. If we did excellent today, that means we will be capable to do even better tomorrow.