Illegal Immigrants Exploided. 

Except when They Decide to Succeed! 

Greatly as a result of their ignorance and self-denial, The Traditional illegal Hispanic immigrants are taken advantage of by: employers, loan sharks, and in some cases, even banks. 

There are multiple employers who have discovered the hard working Hispanic is capable of performing exhaustive work more than any American. Some of those jobs are very well paid, but the illegal worker is for the most part treated with disrespect, threats, and arrogance; mostly by other Hispanics (bilinguals), who have turned into their bosses, shepherds, or supervisors. These industries are for the most part run by outdated managements which do not apply the most elemental good practices. This means they do not give their people the appropriate training and there is not daily variety of operations so repetitive work operations cause the workers multiple injuries, that in not few cases have ended in terminations. 

The “traditional illegal Hispanic” puts up with this situation and in most cases they just complain but get nothing solved since their “unions”, if existent, do not provide them with the support they are supposed, for the money they collect from them. 

Loan Sharks: In communities where there is abundance of Hispanic population, the “cash” stores proliferate to abuse them from their ignorance and bad habits, charging outrageous rates of interest.  

I recently visited Tehuacan, a nice city in the State of Puebla, México. 

As I needed to get some pesos for minor expenses, I went to a Western Union agency there. When I was ready for the exchange, I realized that their calculation was done at $16.00 pesos per dollar. Of course I did not accept since the real value that day was in $19.00 pesos per dollar. But a handful of people who receive money from their relatives through Western Union are forced to accept that hidden commission of 15% or more. That means that the all the suffering and dedication of those hard workers generate only 85% of benefit to their families and 15% to the Western Union System. What a steal! 

On both sides of this process, workers and relatives would need to establish a Bank account to transfer the money with minimal commission, normally around 2% or less. 

When I talk about the “traditional illegal Hispanic” I refer to those who have been for more than a year in the U.S. without learning the language. Some have been here for decades and stay in the same situation. 

To create a comfort zone, they surround themselves of other monolinguals, watch TV in Spanish, read (if any), papers or magazines in their language and seem to not understand the fact that real opportunities in this country are for those who learn English. 

The New Hispanic, legal or not, is the person who sees the opportunity not only to work and make some money, but to succeed, become bilingual, and advance to better work opportunities all the time. 

They become bilingual in less than one year and keep learning as much as they can in their jobs. They get respect of their employers, promotions, and opportunities. They start pursuing the American dream from the beginning. They get better vehicles, homes and status for them and their families.