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NEW: Special
Training Videos

We are in a continuous development of new materials that our visitors and customers ask for.

Here we list the lessons that are immediately available, in process, or made at your request. They have their own evaluation at the end and you get the printable file for the participant(s) to answer. Total time required per lesson including Evaluation is in average 44 minutes.

*   JIT – Just In Time

*   Autonomous Quality - Zero Quality Control

*   Time Calculations – Lead, Cycle, Takt – with examples 

*   TPM – Autonomous Maintenance

*   PASS 55 – Critical Asset Management

*   Leadership Development 

*   Process Optimization 

*   Open to additions to fit your needs or requests...


No boring theories, just Plain English (or Spanish), down to Earth advice, and clues to put the knowledge
into practice immediately!


These videos are permanently yours to fulfill the needs of your group, school, factory, shop, company, or enterprise.

They are delivered EACH in A CD that can be played in any computer with a CD drive or in a DVD Player at home or your conference room – training room – classroom. Companies and schools acquire these discs as a Unit or as a Custom Package.

One Lesson is only $59.00.

Packages of 2: $99.00.

Packages of 3: $149.00

Packages of 4 or more $44.00 per each unit.

Order and we will email you an invoice. 

It can be paid by Check, Transfer, or Credit Card!